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Breeding Scottish Folds Since 2002

Scottish Folds USA aka LovingFolds Cattery is a long standing, highly desired, honest and very reputable breeder you can trust.

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Beautiful kittens both with and without folded ears that are delivered with a Veterinary Certificate of Health, our Pristine Kitten Delivery, support before, during and after placement, current on shots, a microchip and more.

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Scottish Folds USA has a passion for folds and 100% Happy Customers!

About Us

Our background

My husband and I cannot remember a time in our lives without cats. We operate a small home based cattery in a quiet country home.  Every kitten is brought into the world with music and love.  We are highly compatible and work together towards the improvement of our lines and the Scottish Fold and Scottish Kilt breeds, which we love so much.  

Our Cats

Home Of "Kashmere The Kilt" (shown above) born in June 2018.  She is a Standard Scottish Kilt with both Folded Ears and Short Legs and Rare in the World.

In 2001 we purchased a breeding pair of Scottish Folds from a breeder who was closing down. We produced our first litter in 2002 and our lives were never the same.  In 2013 we added 2 Munchkins and began producing Scottish Kilts, a new and experimental breed in 2014.  Complimentary in every way, Munchkins add a bit more playfulness and antics to the already wonderful Scottish Fold breed.

Fun times

Want to know more about Scottish Folds or Scottish Kilts (Scottish Fold Munchkins aka Highland Folds)?  Click on LovingFolds Cattery photo to go directly to our Facebook page or drop us a note.  We are always happy to help you!

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